41 (2012): Brief Review

41 directed by Glenn Triggs (2012), is a film about a young man who time travels through a hole in a bathroom in a motel. It was an odd experience to watch this film. I always like the concept of time travel and will immediately watch any film that has it. However, the story is not as strong as it needs to be to hold up the time travel aspect of the film up. Which is unfortunate. I think it has potential and maybe just needs a re-edit or something else to help it all tie back better. I am interested in what other films the writer-director-editor-etc Glenn Triggs does in the future. Hopefully his next film has improvement in story. Overall, it’s not something you have to watch but it’s not the worst thing out there and certainly not the worst time travel film. Give it watch if you’re a more forgiving viewer.

Watched on Amazon.

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