MFKZ (2017): Brief Review

MFKZ directed by Shōjirō Nishimi and Guillaume Renard (2017), is an film about a few young men who live in a fictional city in California that looks to be sorta like Los Angeles but not and this version of the world is mixed species type with aliens living among the Earth dwelling residences where theContinue reading “MFKZ (2017): Brief Review”

41 (2012): Brief Review

41 directed by Glenn Triggs (2012), is a film about a young man who time travels through a hole in a bathroom in a motel. It was an odd experience to watch this film. I always like the concept of time travel and will immediately watch any film that has it. However, the story is notContinue reading “41 (2012): Brief Review”

Flight of the Navigator (1986): Brief Review

Flight of the Navigator directed by Randal Kleiser (1986), is an film about a boy who is taken by an alien AI to gather data to catalog about humans as a species but something goes wrong with the space ship and he is dropped back to Earth in the future instead of when he wasContinue reading “Flight of the Navigator (1986): Brief Review”

Explorers: Brief Review

Explorers, directed by Joe Dante (1985), is a film about three kids making contact with an alien species that take them into space to meet the humans they’ve been watching for some time through television, radio, and films. This is a fun and playful 80s family film. You have all the tones and humor of the TheContinue reading “Explorers: Brief Review”

MegaFault: Brief Review

MegaFault, directed by David Michael Latt (2009), is a film about a super earthquake, the aftermath of the quakes, and the woman tasked with overseeing the minimizing the damage. The sacrifice of other characters while the main character and her family constantly escape danger with no consequences betrays the integrity of the direness of the situation. TheContinue reading “MegaFault: Brief Review”