1 Mile To You (2017): Brief Review

1 Mile To You directed by Leif Tilden (2017), is a film about a young man who was the sole survivor of a track team due to the fact that he rode with his parents instead of his teammates after a track meet where the bus went off a bridge. The main character, Kevin, desperately needs a counselor to help him through the trauma of losing his girlfriend, his bestfriend, his teammates, and his coach. Not to mention his survivor’s guilt which causes him to make destructive decisions in order to feel even slightly better and to get to the point where he is hallucinating. All of which are very unhealthy. However, the new team that he is on is mainly focused on how well he can run and not exactly his health in any way, which is part of the problem of this film. This kid should have all his needs met and not just allowed to keep running in a destructive manner. Then there is an added element of a new romance that was unnecessary. I think the story didn’t need a push for an awkward romance when a platonic but close friendship would have worked better. All in all, it’s an interesting story and it’s worth a watch if you happen past it.

Watched on Crackle.

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