Whiplash (2014): Brief Review

Whiplash directed by Damien Chazelle (2014), is an film about a ambitious young man who enters a hard music program to become the best drummer that he could ever dream of being but ends up dropping out and taking the professor along with him. However, through it all, they end up developing a late in film bond that pushes them both to the top from the very bottom. It’s inspiring to see artists push to be the best in the field that they are in but you also get to see how it can consume them. This a great film to show just the push, being consumed, and then rising out of the destruction of his life to become the artist he wanted to be. More than worth a watch or two. You forget that you’re watching the film at times and by the end you’re convinced that you need to be the best at whatever you’re doing too. It’s easy to watch and get lost in. Wonderful story. Again, worth a few watches.

Watched on Netflix.

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