The Four Feathers (2002): Brief Review

The Four Feathers directed by Shekhar Kapur (2002), is an film about a man who is viewed as a coward by his friends and family by leaving the military but attempts to regain his honor and prove he’s not a coward by helping them in battle without them knowing it is him. It’s a newer version of the story but even more compelling somehow. It might have been because of the actors cast in it or that’s just a modern version so it doesn’t feel as distant to me. In this version I feel everything that is happening. I feel the emotions of all of the characters but especially the main character. The story is still as simple but complex in execution. A must watch for sure. It grabs you and rattles you. You just want everything to be ok and it’s all a bit misshapen at the end but worth a watch.

Watched on HBO Max.

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