Clowning Around (1991): Brief Review

Clowning Around directed by George Whaley (1991), is an film about a young man who is passionate about being a professional clown and goes to great lengths to earn his place as one. Never in my life have I felt that I’ve wasted so much of my time as I did when I watched this film and yet I was so invested in this boys adventures clowning around. This kid actually joined the freaking circus and found a mentor while eluding the police and his family (not that his family put too much effort into finding him). I know it’s a children’s film/mini-series but if this had been real, the kid could have been trafficked, murdered, or whatever else. So, hopefully this didn’t inspire any children to do the same in Australia. I honestly can’t recommend to go watch this for any real. No, I could not find Heath Ledger anywhere in this film. So, if you’re watching for the small glimpse of him, good luck. You’re better off watching anything else instead of this. Unless you have a very specific interest in early 90’s Australian children’s films. Then have it. Otherwise, avoid.

Watched on Youtube.

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