Cry-Baby (1990): Brief Review

Cry-Baby directed by John Waters (1990), is a musical film about teenagers in the Baltimore County area of Maryland who like each other even though they each belong to a different clique and then it later turns into the girl involving herself in the boys clique while trying to get him out of jail. ThisContinue reading “Cry-Baby (1990): Brief Review”

Crazy Heart (2009): Brief Review

Crazy Heart directed by Scott Cooper (2009), is a film about an older country star past his prime but still doing small venues to make money because he’d otherwise be worse off than he is financially. The country star is an alcoholic that hasn’t written another album or song in many years and is justContinue reading “Crazy Heart (2009): Brief Review”

Country Strong (2010): Brief Review

Country Strong directed by Shana Feste (2010), is a film about a troubled country star getting out of rehab to go on tour and she takes an aspiring singer-songwriter who she befriends at the rehab facility and another local talent. The country star is unraveling at every venue they go to and can’t stop drinkingContinue reading “Country Strong (2010): Brief Review”

Almost Famous (2000): Brief Review

Almost Famous directed by Cameron Crowe (2000), is a film about a teenage boy who follows his dream of being a music journalist by traveling an up and coming band through a pivotal point of their career where they are beginning to make big and he is there to capture it all while experiencing life freelyContinue reading “Almost Famous (2000): Brief Review”

Take the Lead (2006): Brief Review

Take the Lead directed by Liz Friedlander (2006), is an film about a professional dancer and instructor that gives lessons to underprivileged teens in their high school basement to teach them that they can accomplish anything, respect their peers, and have some confidence in what they’re doing in life. It’s a heart warming idea thatContinue reading “Take the Lead (2006): Brief Review”

You Instead (2011): Brief Review

You Instead also known as Rock’N’Love and Tonight You’re Mine directed by David Mackenzie (2011), is an film about two strangers who are performing at a festival but end up handcuffed to each other after they get into an argument and through out their time spent cuffed to each other they find each other fallingContinue reading “You Instead (2011): Brief Review”

Whiplash (2014): Brief Review

Whiplash directed by Damien Chazelle (2014), is an film about a ambitious young man who enters a hard music program to become the best drummer that he could ever dream of being but ends up dropping out and taking the professor along with him. However, through it all, they end up developing a late inContinue reading “Whiplash (2014): Brief Review”

The Runaways (2010): Brief Review

The Runaways directed by Floria Sigismondi (2010), is a film about the band The Runaways, the band members, and snippets of their lives before, during, and after the bands run. It was a fun film to watch from beginning to end. It provided some insight into the construction of the band and the lives of theContinue reading “The Runaways (2010): Brief Review”

Downfalls High (2021): Brief Review

Downfalls High directed by Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun (2021), is a music based film about the story of a boy through his romance with a girl from his school. It felt rushed in spots but was fairly enjoyable. All of the music was ok. Nothing that I would go back to but not outright horrible.Continue reading “Downfalls High (2021): Brief Review”

Patti Cake$ (2017): Brief Review

Patti Cake$ directed by Geremy Jasper (2017), is a film about a young poor woman trying to express herself, show everyone else that she does have a talent, and that she will go the additional step to make sure she is successful on her own terms. It’s a somewhat inspiring film. I liked the characters themselves.Continue reading “Patti Cake$ (2017): Brief Review”