The Kitchen (2019): Brief Review

The Kitchen directed by Andrea Berloff (2019), is a film about three women who come into their own once their husbands are locked up and they are released from their own shackles of being a wife. The story is really great. All of the women grow beyond their husbands and do better than them. It shows how a woman led story about being in a crime family can work just as well as the traditional man led story. I actually found it more refreshing than I typically would of a crime story that’s based in New York City. It can get a bit repetitive and stagnant at time. This film rose out of the ashes of those stories into something more intriguing. It honestly didn’t need a twist but it added another layer to the story which was a bit cheesy. However, it was fun. This film was fun, interesting, and held my attention the whole way through.

Watched on HBO Max.

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