MFKZ (2017): Brief Review

MFKZ directed by Shōjirō Nishimi and Guillaume Renard (2017), is an film about a few young men who live in a fictional city in California that looks to be sorta like Los Angeles but not and this version of the world is mixed species type with aliens living among the Earth dwelling residences where theContinue reading “MFKZ (2017): Brief Review”

Pompeii (2014): Brief Review

Pompeii directed by Paul W. S. Anderson (2014), is an film about the ash buried city of Pompeii of ancient times with a driving story of a aristocratic young woman and a gladiator who end up falling for each other from a distance but then are brought together through small random events and the cataclysmicContinue reading “Pompeii (2014): Brief Review”

Gods of Egypt (2016): Brief Review

Gods of Egypt directed by Alex Proyas (2016), is a film about, well, the gods of Egypt in a far ancient period of time where the gods ruled on Earth and Set tries to either kill or exile the other gods unless there are helping him while he is the dictator god of Egypt. TheContinue reading “Gods of Egypt (2016): Brief Review”

Violet & Daisy (2011): Brief Review

Violet & Daisy directed by Geoffrey Fletcher (2011), is an film about an assassin duo who take their hit jobs in stride up until the point of meeting Michael who makes them think about the life they’re leading and how they’re doing it. It’s interesting story about two strong “teen” girls who don’t usually overContinue reading “Violet & Daisy (2011): Brief Review”

Logan Lucky (2017): Brief Review

Logan Lucky directed by Steven Soderbergh (2017), is an film about a speedway heist, a hillbilly oceans eleven type crew, and how they got away with it. You care as much about the characters as you do about the heist itself. Which is more than I can say for most heist films. It’s a filmContinue reading “Logan Lucky (2017): Brief Review”

The Four Feathers (2002): Brief Review

The Four Feathers directed by Shekhar Kapur (2002), is an film about a man who is viewed as a coward by his friends and family by leaving the military but attempts to regain his honor and prove he’s not a coward by helping them in battle without them knowing it is him. It’s a newerContinue reading “The Four Feathers (2002): Brief Review”

American Ultra (2015): Brief Review

American Ultra directed by Nima Nourizadeh (2015), is a film about a young man who seems like a bit of a stoner loser in a small West Virginia town that he’ll never leave but it turns out that he and his girlfriend are awesome badasses that just dominate the government which is trying to take themContinue reading “American Ultra (2015): Brief Review”

Into the Storm (2014): Brief Review

Into the Storm directed by Steven Quale (2014), is a film about two separate groups of people weathering a storm together. The film definitely feels like a less emotional but higher stakes twister. The story is basic at best while relying on the elements within the scenes to create any tension rather than the relying onContinue reading “Into the Storm (2014): Brief Review”

The Kitchen (2019): Brief Review

The Kitchen directed by Andrea Berloff (2019), is a film about three women who come into their own once their husbands are locked up and they are released from their own shackles of being a wife. The story is really great. All of the women grow beyond their husbands and do better than them. It shows howContinue reading “The Kitchen (2019): Brief Review”

300 – Rise of an Empire (2014): Brief Review

300: Rise of an Empire directed by Noam Murro (2014), is a film about the second battle against the Persian army and King Xerxes. This time Xerxes has the help of Artemisia who is a devout warrior of the Persians who saved her as a child. She turned her anger from those that enslaved and abused herContinue reading “300 – Rise of an Empire (2014): Brief Review”