The Edge of Seventeen (2016): Brief Review

The Edge of Seventeen directed by Kelly Fremon Craig (2016), is a film about mid-teen kids dealing with the trauma of the death of their father and the fallout of their mother not being able to handle it at all. It shows the difficulty of dealing with family that all process their emotions differently and to what extent. Children should never have to deal with adult situations such as death and an over abundance of responsibility as it changes the way that you develop into an adult but it’s very realistic of this film to do so. The humor is great, can be a bit annoying in spots to deal with teen drama but that’s the whole movie, and the aggression that the whole family has in dealing with their grief is insane but realistic in a sense. The actor who places the brother, Blake Jenner, always over plays the aggression in the roles that he takes on which is unnecessary. Overall, it’s an enjoyable film that’s fairly easy to watch.

Watched on Netflix.

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