300 – Rise of an Empire (2014): Brief Review

300: Rise of an Empire directed by Noam Murro (2014), is a film about the second battle against the Persian army and King Xerxes. This time Xerxes has the help of Artemisia who is a devout warrior of the Persians who saved her as a child. She turned her anger from those that enslaved and abused her into martial power. She helps Xerxes get revenge against the Greeks who want nothing but to defend their land against an invader that will enslave or kill the whole of them. Together the Greeks come together to defeat the Persians. The story is compelling, the style is the same as the first one for the most part, and the acting is aggressively captivating. Enjoyable as a whole and allows more understanding for the Persian side of the war. Overall, a pretty good film.

Watched on Netflix.

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