Blackbird (2012): Brief Review

Blackbird, directed by Jason Buxton (2012), is a film about a teenage boy who is accused and successfully charged with conspiring to commit a school massacre. This film is Canadian and I’m not entirely sure if they have went through a period of satanic panic but this film felt very much like that. The boy listens to death metal and screamo, he dress like a punk or goth, he has satanic symbols on or around him, he journals weird and concerning things, and he’s socially awkward. He must want to blow up the school. It was very accurate in its portrayal of people thinking the worst of those a little different from them. False accusations against people with circumstantial evidence that ends up destroying their lives is horrible. There’s always more to be done to resolve spree killings and mass murders but there also needs to be a better way of vetting information and not destroying the lives of people that committed no crime. Maybe not the best story all the way around but you really felt the characters pain and hoped the best for him. If nothing else, you will find compassion for the character and it will get your gears turning on what you could possibly do to resolve the issue of school shootings but with better methods of prevention than loose, at best, evidence.

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