Blue Lagoon (The Awakening): Brief Review

Blue Lagoon: The Awakening, directed by Mikael Salomon & Jake Newsome (2012), is an unnecessary modern remake of a mediocre film. It’s all a setup to explore a romance between an edgy teen boy and a studious popular girl who are both lost in different ways. There was no need to have it under the Blue LagoonContinue reading “Blue Lagoon (The Awakening): Brief Review”

7 Days in Hell: Brief Review

7 Days in Hell, directed by Jake Szymanski (2015), is a film two professional tennis players that play a death match. It is without a doubt one of the dumbest mockumentaries I have watched so far but I did chuckle here and there. There wasn’t a lot of substance to this film. There isn’t really anything toContinue reading “7 Days in Hell: Brief Review”

MegaFault: Brief Review

MegaFault, directed by David Michael Latt (2009), is a film about a super earthquake, the aftermath of the quakes, and the woman tasked with overseeing the minimizing the damage. The sacrifice of other characters while the main character and her family constantly escape danger with no consequences betrays the integrity of the direness of the situation. TheContinue reading “MegaFault: Brief Review”

Honeyboy (1982): Brief Review

Honeyboy, directed by John Berry (1982), is a film about a man trying to rise as a professional boxer and dabbles in love along the way. The story is pretty simple on this one. He wants to be a big time professional boxer with his eyes set on beating Tiger Maddox, the reigning champion of the division.Continue reading “Honeyboy (1982): Brief Review”