Good on Paper (2021): Brief Review

Good on Paper directed by Kim Gatewood (2021), is a film about a comedian who is trying to get a good break in Hollywood and we see her journey in doing just that but there is also the added layer of her getting into a relationship with a man who has lied about every critical detailContinue reading “Good on Paper (2021): Brief Review”

Violet & Daisy (2011): Brief Review

Violet & Daisy directed by Geoffrey Fletcher (2011), is an film about an assassin duo who take their hit jobs in stride up until the point of meeting Michael who makes them think about the life they’re leading and how they’re doing it. It’s interesting story about two strong “teen” girls who don’t usually overContinue reading “Violet & Daisy (2011): Brief Review”

Joker (2019): Brief Review

Joker directed by Todd Phillips (2019), is an film about a mentally ill man whose delusions, preexisting illness, life experience, and lies about his potential father, take a toll on him, cause him to snap, and take up a life committing crimes. This film not only gives a pitiful backstory pitted with lies that confuseContinue reading “Joker (2019): Brief Review”

American Bully (2009): Brief Review

American Bully directed by David Rodriguez (2009), is a film about teenage boys, who are largely ignorant, that act out in a post 9/11 America with being “anti-terrorist”, which is just being racist and non-tolerant of other inner cultures, and performative patriots that end up torturing and killing another teenage man in their community. This filmContinue reading “American Bully (2009): Brief Review”

A Violent Separation (2019): Brief Review

A Violent Separation directed by Kevin Goetz and Michael Goetz (2019), is a film about how three main characters interact with each other following the death of the another character. All of the characters are tied to each other and fracture of the bonds over time due to the death of another character is interesting toContinue reading “A Violent Separation (2019): Brief Review”

Brimstone (2016): Brief Review

Brimstone directed by Martin Koolhoven (2016), is a film about a girl during the wild west era of America. We spend the whole film with her enduring her abusive father, the traumatic upbringing with him, her escape from him, and him gradually over time hunting her down and destroying her life one piece at a time.Continue reading “Brimstone (2016): Brief Review”

The Fanatic (2019): Brief Review

The Fanatic directed by Fred Durst (2019), is a film about a man, who may have some mental impairment of some sort, that is obsessed with an actor and will do anything to connect with him. This film is not the worst film but is over the top and feels too much at times. The useContinue reading “The Fanatic (2019): Brief Review”

Into the Storm (2014): Brief Review

Into the Storm directed by Steven Quale (2014), is a film about two separate groups of people weathering a storm together. The film definitely feels like a less emotional but higher stakes twister. The story is basic at best while relying on the elements within the scenes to create any tension rather than the relying onContinue reading “Into the Storm (2014): Brief Review”

Green Room (2015): Brief Review

Green Room directed by Andrea Berloff (2015), is a film about a youthful punk rock band that’s caught in a situation where they are at the wrong place at the wrong time but fight to the absolute end. The band itself seemed very true to the real world handling of punk. Absolutely loved their cover of NaziContinue reading “Green Room (2015): Brief Review”

The Raven: Brief Review

The Raven, directed by James McTeigue (2012), is a film about the finals days of Edgar Allan Poe and the mystery within them. This was an entertaining account of his last days. It incorporated his works, some history, and a lot of fiction in lieu of facts. The film was evenly paced and fairly enjoyable. Having livedContinue reading “The Raven: Brief Review”