Christmas Cottage: Brief Review

Christmas Cottage, directed by Michael Campus (2008), is a moving film about a young artist and his brother bringing together their small town while trying to financially upright their mother over the holiday break from college. It is apparently a true story based on the life of Thomas Kincaid. I can’t say how true it is butContinue reading “Christmas Cottage: Brief Review”

Beauty and the Beast (2017): Brief Review

Beauty and the Beast, directed by Bill Condon (2017), is retelling of the animated Disney film based on the French fairytale of the same name. I have this faint remembrance of everyone being a bit peeved about the singing and the fact that Disney made a live-action version without much difference from the animated version which madeContinue reading “Beauty and the Beast (2017): Brief Review”

Hurricane Streets: Brief Review

Hurricane Streets, directed by Morgan J. Freeman (1997), is a film that looks into the lives of a group of children in their mid-teen years while living in New York City. The story is mainly focused on Marcus, what is going on in his life, and how he deals with things as they come up. Marcus isContinue reading “Hurricane Streets: Brief Review”

Speedway Junky: Brief Review

Speedway Junky, directed by Nickolas Perry (1999), is a film about a boy who wants to be a Nascar driver but meets a group of kids whoring, stealing, and selling drugs to survive in the city of Las Vegas. It’s an interesting story that while being somewhat realistic is a bit optimistic towards its lead. He somewhatContinue reading “Speedway Junky: Brief Review”

Voice from the Stone: Brief Review

Voice from the Stone, directed by Eric D. Howell (2017), is a film about a boy who traumatically lost his mother and his father hires a caretaker to try to improve his dourer disposition. The way this story is laid out and presented is super smart. It ends as it begins and you never expect it. TheContinue reading “Voice from the Stone: Brief Review”

Not Since You: Brief Review

Not Since You, directed by Jeff Stephenson (2009), is a film about a man in his early thirties going to a wedding and reconnecting with his college friends and ex-girlfriend. This is a very bland and boring film. You get the feeling watching this film like you would going to a job just because you need theContinue reading “Not Since You: Brief Review”

Call Me By Your Name: Brief Review

Call Me By Your Name, directed by Luca Guadagnino (2017), is a film about a teenager who is living with his family in Italy and his father has a student stay at their house during the summer. The young man likes the student, who is a good amount older than him, tries to convey his feelings, andContinue reading “Call Me By Your Name: Brief Review”

Hot Summer Nights: Brief Review

Hot Summer Nights, directed by Elijah Bynum (2017), is a film about some young adults making major decisions during the coarse of one summer in Cape Cod during the early 90’s that will change their lives forever. The story, the characters, the way the film was shot, the acting, all of it, was absolutely fantastic. Grief andContinue reading “Hot Summer Nights: Brief Review”

The Vow: Brief Review

The Vow, directed by Michael Sucsy (2012), is a film about a woman that deals with memory lose after a car accident which leaves her and her husband to rediscover each other as people and as partners. With these romantic dramas I usually break a few tears at the overwhelmingly sensitive parts, especially with Rachel McAdams, butContinue reading “The Vow: Brief Review”

The Prom: Brief Review

The Prom, directed by Ryan Murphy (2020), is a film about high school lesbian who is forced out of her school prom until the broadway gang come to help her out to improve their public image. First, get rid of James Corden, replace with one of the many actual gay men that can do a musical, andContinue reading “The Prom: Brief Review”