Bombay Rose (2019): Brief Review

Bombay Rose directed by Gitanjali Rao (2019), is an animated film about a brief infatuation between two young people in the busy city of Bombay, Mumbai, in India. It also touches on the people that surround both of them, their fantasies, and the threat of a potential love between people of mixed religions. Throughout the wholeContinue reading “Bombay Rose (2019): Brief Review”

Prefontaine (1997): Brief Review

Prefontaine directed by Steve James (1997), is a film based on a true story about a young runner, Steve Prefontaine, who pushed himself and others to be greater but when his life is cut short you’re left with a feeling of what could have been. The story is inspirational and tragic. Everything that should have beenContinue reading “Prefontaine (1997): Brief Review”

Cinderella (2015): Brief Review

Cinderella directed by Kenneth Branagh (2015), is a film about a girl who is orphaned and mistreated by her step-family but she eventually finds love and lives happily ever after. This story is based on old fairy tales and has been told a hundred or so different ways. Disney themselves have done as much. However, whatContinue reading “Cinderella (2015): Brief Review”

The Switch (2010): Brief Review

The Switch directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck (2010), is a film about two good friends who become parents together with the girl friend knowing it since she thought she was using a sperm donor’s sperm and when she reunites with her friend later he see’s the similarities between himself and the child. AsContinue reading “The Switch (2010): Brief Review”

Cry-Baby (1990): Brief Review

Cry-Baby directed by John Waters (1990), is a musical film about teenagers in the Baltimore County area of Maryland who like each other even though they each belong to a different clique and then it later turns into the girl involving herself in the boys clique while trying to get him out of jail. ThisContinue reading “Cry-Baby (1990): Brief Review”

Crazy Heart (2009): Brief Review

Crazy Heart directed by Scott Cooper (2009), is a film about an older country star past his prime but still doing small venues to make money because he’d otherwise be worse off than he is financially. The country star is an alcoholic that hasn’t written another album or song in many years and is justContinue reading “Crazy Heart (2009): Brief Review”

Country Strong (2010): Brief Review

Country Strong directed by Shana Feste (2010), is a film about a troubled country star getting out of rehab to go on tour and she takes an aspiring singer-songwriter who she befriends at the rehab facility and another local talent. The country star is unraveling at every venue they go to and can’t stop drinkingContinue reading “Country Strong (2010): Brief Review”

Varsity Blues (1999): Brief Review

Varsity Blues directed by Brian Robbins (1999), is a film about a fairly smart high school boy on a football team in Texas, which is just all about football, and his life changes when he goes from second string to first. It follows his experience of football season during his last year at high schoolContinue reading “Varsity Blues (1999): Brief Review”

Beautiful Girls (1996): Brief Review

Beautiful Girls directed by Ted Demme (1996), is a film about a man who lives in New York City as a pianist but goes home to rural New York for a High School Reunion and reunites with old friends, befriends a 13 year old, involves himself in his friends drama, and realizes that what heContinue reading “Beautiful Girls (1996): Brief Review”

Irreplaceable You (2018): Brief Review

Irreplaceable You directed by Stephanie Laing (2018), is a film about a couple that have known each other since childhood and have roughly been a couple since then when one of the two main characters finds out that she is cancer and later learns she is terminal. The main point of the film is theContinue reading “Irreplaceable You (2018): Brief Review”