Christmas Cottage: Brief Review

Christmas Cottage, directed by Michael Campus (2008), is a moving film about a young artist and his brother bringing together their small town while trying to financially upright their mother over the holiday break from college. It is apparently a true story based on the life of Thomas Kincaid. I can’t say how true it is butContinue reading “Christmas Cottage: Brief Review”

Beauty and the Beast (2017): Brief Review

Beauty and the Beast, directed by Bill Condon (2017), is retelling of the animated Disney film based on the French fairytale of the same name. I have this faint remembrance of everyone being a bit peeved about the singing and the fact that Disney made a live-action version without much difference from the animated version which madeContinue reading “Beauty and the Beast (2017): Brief Review”

Free Willy (Escape from Pirate’s Cove): Brief Review

Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove, directed by Will Geiger (2010), is a film about a girl, a young orca that gets stuck in a shallow pool after a storm, and the girl trying to free the orca from her grandfathers “theme park” called Pirate’s Cove. It’s a cheap reimagining of the original Free Willy. Far lessContinue reading “Free Willy (Escape from Pirate’s Cove): Brief Review”

Free Willy 3: Brief Review

Free Willy 3: The Rescue, directed by Sam Pillsbury (1997), is a film that continues on with Jesse, his relationship with Willy, and how he saves Willy once again. This go around Jesse is saving Willy and his pod from whale poachers with the help of the captain of the poacher’s boat, Botany Bay, son, Max. TheContinue reading “Free Willy 3: Brief Review”

Wendy (2020): Brief Review

Wendy, directed by Benh Zeitlin (2020), is another retelling of the Peter Pan story in a somewhat modern Southern origin and a more basic Caribbean Neverland. The mechanics are simple and easy to follow for the most part. It’s an imaginative take on the story that keeps you on your toes. It feels more tangible. I couldContinue reading “Wendy (2020): Brief Review”

Free Willy 2: Brief Review

Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home, directed by Dwight H. Little (1995), is a film that continues on from the first installment, Free Willy, and the young man is a little older, has gained closure about his mother, found a brother he didn’t know he had, and saves Willy once again. They find Willy in wild whichContinue reading “Free Willy 2: Brief Review”

Free Willy: Brief Review

Free Willy, directed by Simon Wincer (1993), is a film about a young misguided boy who befriends an orca by the name of Willy. The story is a little more dirty and a lot less wholesome than I remember. The acting was good enough. I can’t say if the Native American portions are disrespectful or not butContinue reading “Free Willy: Brief Review”

Explorers: Brief Review

Explorers, directed by Joe Dante (1985), is a film about three kids making contact with an alien species that take them into space to meet the humans they’ve been watching for some time through television, radio, and films. This is a fun and playful 80s family film. You have all the tones and humor of the TheContinue reading “Explorers: Brief Review”

House Arrest: Brief Review

House Arrest, directed by Harry Winer (1996), is a film about a couple of kids, and a few additional kids later on, wanting to help their parents deal with their relationship problems but their plan ended up getting out of hand. It’s a fun concept from the about how children would handle themselves if their parents weren’tContinue reading “House Arrest: Brief Review”