Cinderella (2015): Brief Review

Cinderella directed by Kenneth Branagh (2015), is a film about a girl who is orphaned and mistreated by her step-family but she eventually finds love and lives happily ever after. This story is based on old fairy tales and has been told a hundred or so different ways. Disney themselves have done as much. However, whatContinue reading “Cinderella (2015): Brief Review”

Gold Diggers (1995): Brief Review

Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain directed by Kevin James Dobson (1995), is a film about a girl who moves into a small town in Washington after her great aunt has died and her mother inherits the house. The girl befriends a girl in town that everyone thinks is odd and has odd behaviors.Continue reading “Gold Diggers (1995): Brief Review”

Now and Then (1995): Brief Review

Now and Then directed by Lesli Linker Glatter (1995), is a film about a group of friends coming together to spend time all together as adults and the pivotal summer of their childhood that helped pave the path for the rest of their lives. Most of the story is spent on their past selves andContinue reading “Now and Then (1995): Brief Review”

Xico’s Journey (2020): Brief Review

Xico’s Journey, El Camino de Xico, directed by Erica Cabello (2020), is an animated film about a small town in Mexico that is going to be abused for its resources by corporations but a dog named Xico is protective spirit of the mountain and neither dog or the residents of the town know it until heContinue reading “Xico’s Journey (2020): Brief Review”

The New Guy (2002): Brief Review

The New Guy directed by Ed Decter (2002), is one of those high school teen comedies from the 2000’s that absolutely rocked the youth during the time. It had the funny but dopey dork guy who becomes cool, it has a somewhat decent soundtrack, the unimportant cool guy who’s really just a jerk, the supportiveContinue reading “The New Guy (2002): Brief Review”

Flight of the Navigator (1986): Brief Review

Flight of the Navigator directed by Randal Kleiser (1986), is an film about a boy who is taken by an alien AI to gather data to catalog about humans as a species but something goes wrong with the space ship and he is dropped back to Earth in the future instead of when he wasContinue reading “Flight of the Navigator (1986): Brief Review”

Clowning Around (1991): Brief Review

Clowning Around directed by George Whaley (1991), is an film about a young man who is passionate about being a professional clown and goes to great lengths to earn his place as one. Never in my life have I felt that I’ve wasted so much of my time as I did when I watched thisContinue reading “Clowning Around (1991): Brief Review”

An All Dogs Christmas Carol (1998): Brief Review

An All Dogs Christmas Carol directed by Paul Sabella and Gary Selvaggio (1998), is an animated film about a few dogs trying to save Christmas from their own grinch-like dog menace. It’s a super cheap film by one of the same directors of All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 which explains why it has the sameContinue reading “An All Dogs Christmas Carol (1998): Brief Review”

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (1996): Brief Review

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 directed by Paul Sabella and Larry Leker (1996), is an animated film about a couple of reformed mobster dogs who are doing good in heaven but are then sent on a mission to find a heavenly horn that was stolen from heaven by an angel dog doing the devils biddingContinue reading “All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (1996): Brief Review”

All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989): Brief Review

All Dogs Go to Heaven directed by Don Bluth (1989), is an animated film about mobster dogs who die/murdered and go to heaven but end up escaping since Charlie has unfinished business and ends up helping a child to even his own disbelief. It is a heavy story to be considered a family story during thisContinue reading “All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989): Brief Review”