Just Like the Son: Brief Review

Just Like the Son, directed by Morgan J. Freeman (2006), is a film about a delinquent young man in his 20’s kidnapping a young boy to take his to live with his sister in Florida verses living in group home in upstate New York. This story feels like one long bad setup to a long a weirdContinue reading “Just Like the Son: Brief Review”

The Blue Lagoon: Brief Review

The Blue Lagoon, directed by Randal Kleiser (1980), is a film about children who are marooned on a tropical island with limited contact with adults throughout their life and develop their own way of life. The idea of the film is interesting. Its truly wild with how far they took it. The acting was mediocre at bestContinue reading “The Blue Lagoon: Brief Review”

Welcome to Happiness (2015): Brief Review

Welcome to Happiness, directed by Oliver Thompson (2015), is a fantasy film with interesting concepts about loose psychology. The film barely kept my interest throughout the film but the concept as a whole is really great but the execution missed its mark a bit. If it had hit its mark, it could’ve been something that people would’veContinue reading “Welcome to Happiness (2015): Brief Review”

Candy: Brief Review

Candy, directed by Neil Armfield (2006), is a film about the struggles of living with an addiction and being in a relationship. It’s a great film. Not exactly like the book but close enough in feeling. If anything, it’s a lot lighter than the book. It isn’t better or worse. Just a different. The acting is phenomenal.Continue reading “Candy: Brief Review”

Christmas Cottage: Brief Review

Christmas Cottage, directed by Michael Campus (2008), is a moving film about a young artist and his brother bringing together their small town while trying to financially upright their mother over the holiday break from college. It is apparently a true story based on the life of Thomas Kincaid. I can’t say how true it is butContinue reading “Christmas Cottage: Brief Review”

Hurricane Streets: Brief Review

Hurricane Streets, directed by Morgan J. Freeman (1997), is a film that looks into the lives of a group of children in their mid-teen years while living in New York City. The story is mainly focused on Marcus, what is going on in his life, and how he deals with things as they come up. Marcus isContinue reading “Hurricane Streets: Brief Review”

Sound of Metal: Brief Review

Sound of Metal, directed by Darius Marder (2019), is a film about a drummer that loses his hearing suddenly and he learns how to cope through a rehab center so that he doesn’t end up using drugs while all this is happening. It’s a super interesting story. What would a person do when they’re on the cuspContinue reading “Sound of Metal: Brief Review”

Stuck in Love: Brief Review

Stuck in Love, directed by Josh Boone (2012), is a film about a family dealing with divorce and its aftermath. A father, who happens to be a successful writer, dwells on his divorce. He offers constant encouragement towards his children to write and become successful writers themselves, which they do at the end. It all ends withContinue reading “Stuck in Love: Brief Review”

Speedway Junky: Brief Review

Speedway Junky, directed by Nickolas Perry (1999), is a film about a boy who wants to be a Nascar driver but meets a group of kids whoring, stealing, and selling drugs to survive in the city of Las Vegas. It’s an interesting story that while being somewhat realistic is a bit optimistic towards its lead. He somewhatContinue reading “Speedway Junky: Brief Review”

Rudderless: Brief Review

Rudderless, directed by William H. Macy (2014), is a film about a father trying to cope with the fact that his son was a university shooter than murdered a handful of people and really gets to know some of his thoughts through his music which leads him to working with another young man. This film has aContinue reading “Rudderless: Brief Review”