Hot Summer Nights: Brief Review

Hot Summer Nights, directed by Elijah Bynum (2017), is a film about some young adults making major decisions during the coarse of one summer in Cape Cod during the early 90’s that will change their lives forever. The story, the characters, the way the film was shot, the acting, all of it, was absolutely fantastic. Grief andContinue reading “Hot Summer Nights: Brief Review”

The Vow: Brief Review

The Vow, directed by Michael Sucsy (2012), is a film about a woman that deals with memory lose after a car accident which leaves her and her husband to rediscover each other as people and as partners. With these romantic dramas I usually break a few tears at the overwhelmingly sensitive parts, especially with Rachel McAdams, butContinue reading “The Vow: Brief Review”

Tempted: Brief Review

Tempted, directed by Maggie Greenwald (2003), is a film about a woman mainly dealing with the lose of her surrogate mother to cancer. The lose of the woman who raised her just serves as a catalyst to her going to Hawaii and meeting her birth mother through an extended stay. While she’s in Hawaii she tries toContinue reading “Tempted: Brief Review”

Skating to New York: Brief Review

Skating to New York, directed by Charles Minsky (2013), is a film about the journey of a young man, with a group of his friends, skating across Lake Ontario. It is a light stakes adventure that offers some mishaps and conflict but nothing below the surface. It mainly focuses on the life of one boy, howContinue reading “Skating to New York: Brief Review”

Twice Born: Brief Review

Twice Born, directed by Sergio Castellitto (2012), is a film about a couple living in a war to support their friends and gain a child but not all survive the war. Wars disrupt and erase generations of people. Thinkers, innovators, entertainers, mothers, brothers, etc. All gone in one long moment that lasts years. War is a twistedContinue reading “Twice Born: Brief Review”

The Ramen Girl: Brief Review

The Ramen Girl, directed by Robert Allan Ackerman (2008), is a film about how a young woman finds her true passion in cooking ramen. This film starts off like many about women, focused on her relationship with a man. However, the relationship quickly folds in on itself and her story shifts towards the ramen shop down theContinue reading “The Ramen Girl: Brief Review”

Honeyboy (1982): Brief Review

Honeyboy, directed by John Berry (1982), is a film about a man trying to rise as a professional boxer and dabbles in love along the way. The story is pretty simple on this one. He wants to be a big time professional boxer with his eyes set on beating Tiger Maddox, the reigning champion of the division.Continue reading “Honeyboy (1982): Brief Review”

Summer Catch: Brief Review

Summer Catch, directed by Mike Tollin (2001), is a film about love and baseball in a young mans life. There is a linear surface level story. You never once really think that he’s not going to get the girl or that he’s not going to get the opportunity or the job. So, it’s not really a surpriseContinue reading “Summer Catch: Brief Review”

Black Gold: Brief Review

Black Gold, or otherwise known as Day of the Falcon, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud (2011), is a film about two warring leaders, a Sultan and Emir, and their dispute about land then oil. It is a story about how Americans first caused disruptions over oil from an Arab perspective told by European writers and director. So,Continue reading “Black Gold: Brief Review”