Life After The Navigation (2020): Brief Review

Life After The Navigator directed by Lisa Downs (2020), is an film about remembering the film Flight of the Navigator and the child star of the film Joey Cramer. The film goes in-depth about the film, how it was made, and how the vision came to life. Then the other portion of the film isContinue reading “Life After The Navigation (2020): Brief Review”

Tony Parker: Brief Review

Tony Parker: The Final Shot, directed by Florent Bodin (2021), is a film about the life of professional basketball player Tony Parker. It not only captures the accomplishments but the spirit of the man throughout his basketball career from a young boy to the point of his pending retirement. It’s definitely one of the more captivating sportContinue reading “Tony Parker: Brief Review”

After Parkland: Brief Review

After Parkland, directed by Jake Lefferman and Emily Taguchi (2019), is a film about the aftermath of the Parkland, FL school shooting incident. Children and adults alike protesting for gun control as a substitute for those that they lost, to cope with their trauma, and to do anything they can to help avoid new instances of similarContinue reading “After Parkland: Brief Review”

Song of Parkland: Brief Review

Song of Parkland, directed by Amy Schatz (2019), is a short film about the drama class survivors of the Parkland, FL school shooting incident. They deal with their feelings and trauma about their experience through doing a school play. It shows their perseverance and love for each other. They are all celebrated by what they accomplish. WhichContinue reading “Song of Parkland: Brief Review”

After Neverland: Brief Review

After Neverland, hosted by Oprah Winfrey (2019), is a unrehearsed conversation with the survivors about the alleged sexual abuse inflicted upon them by Michael Jackson. It was very inciteful to have a few professionals look into the experience that the two survivors this special is focused on and state what usually happens in similar abuse cases. ItContinue reading “After Neverland: Brief Review”

Leaving Neverland: Brief Review

Leaving Neverland, directed by Dan Reed (2019), is a limited documentary series about the alleged sexual abuse inflicted upon young men by Michael Jackson as told by two survivors who are now old enough to speak out properly. If it’s true or not, that’s not the point. The point is that every time you see this typeContinue reading “Leaving Neverland: Brief Review”

Peddle the World: Brief Review

Peddle the World, directed by and starring Felix Starck (2014), is a film about biking across the world. He makes an amateur attempt at traveling the world by bike while documenting his adventure. However, it’s less about his adversities, adventure, and more about the joys he found, the people he invited to join him, orContinue reading “Peddle the World: Brief Review”