Natural Selection (2011): Brief Review

Natural Selection directed by Robbie Pickering (2011), is a film about a woman who finds out her religious husband is donating his specimen to a sperm bank when she believes she cannot conceive after he is rushed to the hospital. It’s a bit of a wild story with the background, the ongoing, and the result ofContinue reading “Natural Selection (2011): Brief Review”

The Farewell (2019): Brief Review

The Farewell directed by Lulu Wang (2019), is a film about coming together in China to spend time with and prematurely grieve a loved one who is dying but doesn’t know it. It’s a touch story and a great film to watch as it was beautifully composed. I thought I’d be fully taken by the performancesContinue reading “The Farewell (2019): Brief Review”

Seven Psychopaths (2012): Brief Review

Seven Psychopaths directed by Martin McDonagh (2012), is a film about a writer who unknowingly has a friend who is less inhibited than most and then knowingly seeks out others who are not that much different than his friend. Everything in this film is fairly well done. The story even mixes itself with real life eventsContinue reading “Seven Psychopaths (2012): Brief Review”

Stage Beauty (2004): Brief Review

Stage Beauty directed by Richard Eyre (2004), is a film about the height and then transition of male portrayal of females to females themselves, all in dramatic fashion. I cannot tell what tone they were going for in this film entirely. Most of it seems very serious but then there are odd comments and comedic situationsContinue reading “Stage Beauty (2004): Brief Review”

Plus One (2019): Brief Review

Plus One directed by Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer (2019), is a film about the classic romance trope of friends to lovers set against the wedding season of their friends. I do have to say this one sets itself apart from the normal romantic comedy. It’s not a neat tidy chuckle fest of a romantic comedy. It’sContinue reading “Plus One (2019): Brief Review”

The Edge of Seventeen (2016): Brief Review

The Edge of Seventeen directed by Kelly Fremon Craig (2016), is a film about mid-teen kids dealing with the trauma of the death of their father and the fallout of their mother not being able to handle it at all. It shows the difficulty of dealing with family that all process their emotions differently and to whatContinue reading “The Edge of Seventeen (2016): Brief Review”

Juno (2007): Brief Review

Juno directed by Jason Reitman (2007), is a film about mid-teen kids dealing with adult decisions and consequences after their experimental exploration of sex while keeping a sense of humor. This story is hilarious but truly grounded in a sense. There is love between all of the characters on a certain level even if it just reflectsContinue reading “Juno (2007): Brief Review”

How to Be Single (2016): Brief Review

How to Be Single, directed by Christian Ditter (2016), is a film about a group of people connected through relationships and space to each other with the main focus being on the women. First off, no matter the role, Rebel Wilson is the chaotic comedic relief of every “chick flick” in the last ten or so years.Continue reading “How to Be Single (2016): Brief Review”

Welcome to Happiness (2015): Brief Review

Welcome to Happiness, directed by Oliver Thompson (2015), is a fantasy film with interesting concepts about loose psychology. The film barely kept my interest throughout the film but the concept as a whole is really great but the execution missed its mark a bit. If it had hit its mark, it could’ve been something that people would’veContinue reading “Welcome to Happiness (2015): Brief Review”

Stuck in Love: Brief Review

Stuck in Love, directed by Josh Boone (2012), is a film about a family dealing with divorce and its aftermath. A father, who happens to be a successful writer, dwells on his divorce. He offers constant encouragement towards his children to write and become successful writers themselves, which they do at the end. It all ends withContinue reading “Stuck in Love: Brief Review”