Stuck in Love: Brief Review

Stuck in Love, directed by Josh Boone (2012), is a film about a family dealing with divorce and its aftermath. A father, who happens to be a successful writer, dwells on his divorce. He offers constant encouragement towards his children to write and become successful writers themselves, which they do at the end. It all ends withContinue reading “Stuck in Love: Brief Review”

Rudderless: Brief Review

Rudderless, directed by William H. Macy (2014), is a film about a father trying to cope with the fact that his son was a university shooter than murdered a handful of people and really gets to know some of his thoughts through his music which leads him to working with another young man. This film has aContinue reading “Rudderless: Brief Review”

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013): Brief Review

The Wolf of Wall Street, directed by Martin Scorsese (2013), is a film about a young man who is determined to be successful, is able to achieve his dreams, and then tear them all down with his own hands. This film was mildly informative, inspiring in certain aspects, and wholly entertaining. Everything came together and the finalContinue reading “The Wolf of Wall Street (2013): Brief Review”

7 Days in Hell: Brief Review

7 Days in Hell, directed by Jake Szymanski (2015), is a film two professional tennis players that play a death match. It is without a doubt one of the dumbest mockumentaries I have watched so far but I did chuckle here and there. There wasn’t a lot of substance to this film. There isn’t really anything toContinue reading “7 Days in Hell: Brief Review”

Desert Blue: Brief Review

Desert Blue, directed by Morgan J. Freeman (1998), is a film about a small desert town that is quarantined because of a toxic spillage from a truck carrying an ingredient for a beverage company that took the diverted water heading from the Rockies into California. The film mainly focuses on Blue a boy from the town tryingContinue reading “Desert Blue: Brief Review”

Hot Summer Nights: Brief Review

Hot Summer Nights, directed by Elijah Bynum (2017), is a film about some young adults making major decisions during the coarse of one summer in Cape Cod during the early 90’s that will change their lives forever. The story, the characters, the way the film was shot, the acting, all of it, was absolutely fantastic. Grief andContinue reading “Hot Summer Nights: Brief Review”

The Prom: Brief Review

The Prom, directed by Ryan Murphy (2020), is a film about high school lesbian who is forced out of her school prom until the broadway gang come to help her out to improve their public image. First, get rid of James Corden, replace with one of the many actual gay men that can do a musical, andContinue reading “The Prom: Brief Review”

Valley Girl: Brief Review

Valley Girl, directed by Rachel Goldenberg (2020), is a film about a high school girl who meets a guy at the beach and her life is turned upside down. This film is a musical set in Los Angeles in the 80’s and present time. The female is telling her daughter about her past to help her daughterContinue reading “Valley Girl: Brief Review”

Happiest Season: Brief Review

Happiest Season, directed by Clea DuVall (2020), is a film about a lesbian inviting her girlfriend to Christmas but she’s not out to her family. It’s about time that there was a fun LGBTQ+ Christmas film out there that was overall fairly well done. The only part that really took away from the experience is that itContinue reading “Happiest Season: Brief Review”

The Heavenly Kid: Brief Review

The Heavenly Kid, directed by Cary Medoway (1985), is a film about a young man, his journey through the afterlife, and the help he gives another young man while working towards getting into heaven. This film was pretty silly and cheesy but enjoyable. I liked all the little twists and turns this story takes. The fantasy elementsContinue reading “The Heavenly Kid: Brief Review”