Love, Antosha (2019): Brief Review

Love, Antosha directed by Garret Price (2019), is a film about the late actor Anton Yelchin who died at the young age of 27. This film was less of an open eulogy and more of a true story with a lot of little details about him and his life. It felt like, as a person ofContinue reading “Love, Antosha (2019): Brief Review”

1 Mile To You (2017): Brief Review

1 Mile To You directed by Leif Tilden (2017), is a film about a young man who was the sole survivor of a track team due to the fact that he rode with his parents instead of his teammates after a track meet where the bus went off a bridge. The main character, Kevin, desperately needsContinue reading “1 Mile To You (2017): Brief Review”

41 (2012): Brief Review

41 directed by Glenn Triggs (2012), is a film about a young man who time travels through a hole in a bathroom in a motel. It was an odd experience to watch this film. I always like the concept of time travel and will immediately watch any film that has it. However, the story is notContinue reading “41 (2012): Brief Review”

Whip It (2009): Brief Review

Whip It directed by Drew Barrymore (2009), is a film about a teenage girl who discovers roller derby in a second hand boutique in Austin, Texas, then goes to a match, and falls in love with sport. She does everything she can to be the best she can be at the sport while trying toContinue reading “Whip It (2009): Brief Review”

Judas and the Black Messiah (2021): Brief Review

Judas and the Black Messiah directed by Shaka King (2021), is a film about the betrayal of the Black Panther Party and the assassination of Fred Hampton. It’s definitely an insightful film about what had happened and the lead up to the death of Fred Hampton. I have not investigated any further into the historyContinue reading “Judas and the Black Messiah (2021): Brief Review”

The New Guy (2002): Brief Review

The New Guy directed by Ed Decter (2002), is one of those high school teen comedies from the 2000’s that absolutely rocked the youth during the time. It had the funny but dopey dork guy who becomes cool, it has a somewhat decent soundtrack, the unimportant cool guy who’s really just a jerk, the supportiveContinue reading “The New Guy (2002): Brief Review”

Gods of Egypt (2016): Brief Review

Gods of Egypt directed by Alex Proyas (2016), is a film about, well, the gods of Egypt in a far ancient period of time where the gods ruled on Earth and Set tries to either kill or exile the other gods unless there are helping him while he is the dictator god of Egypt. TheContinue reading “Gods of Egypt (2016): Brief Review”

Testament of Youth (2014): Brief Review

Testament of Youth directed by James Kent (2014), is a film based on the book of the same name by Vera Brittain about her life during WW1, her pause on her university education to become a nurse, and the loss of her fiancé, friends, and brother in the war. It sh0ws how war can takeContinue reading “Testament of Youth (2014): Brief Review”

Take the Lead (2006): Brief Review

Take the Lead directed by Liz Friedlander (2006), is an film about a professional dancer and instructor that gives lessons to underprivileged teens in their high school basement to teach them that they can accomplish anything, respect their peers, and have some confidence in what they’re doing in life. It’s a heart warming idea thatContinue reading “Take the Lead (2006): Brief Review”

After Everything (2018): Brief Review

After Everything directed by Hannah Marks and Joey Power (2018), is an film about two young people who dive head first fast through life milestones due to a cancer diagnosis but than have to deal with the consequences of survival and the changes in relationship. It’s the side of the cancer romance that not manyContinue reading “After Everything (2018): Brief Review”