Even the Rain (2010): Brief Review

Even the Rain directed by Icíar Bollaín (2010), is a film about the filming of a film about Christopher Columbus, his exploration of America, and his ill treatment of the tribal American peoples, which offers a view of how the modern native population in the America’s, specifically in South American in this film, are still treated. TheContinue reading “Even the Rain (2010): Brief Review”

In My Pocket (2011): Brief Review

In My Pocket, directed by David Lisle Johnson (2011), is a film about addiction and how it can lead from just trying it out to landing at rock bottom. It’s reductive in the experience it tries to tell. Not a great film on this subject. There are plenty out there that are better to watch. What thisContinue reading “In My Pocket (2011): Brief Review”

300 – Rise of an Empire (2014): Brief Review

300: Rise of an Empire directed by Noam Murro (2014), is a film about the second battle against the Persian army and King Xerxes. This time Xerxes has the help of Artemisia who is a devout warrior of the Persians who saved her as a child. She turned her anger from those that enslaved and abused herContinue reading “300 – Rise of an Empire (2014): Brief Review”

Blue Lagoon (The Awakening): Brief Review

Blue Lagoon: The Awakening, directed by Mikael Salomon & Jake Newsome (2012), is an unnecessary modern remake of a mediocre film. It’s all a setup to explore a romance between an edgy teen boy and a studious popular girl who are both lost in different ways. There was no need to have it under the Blue LagoonContinue reading “Blue Lagoon (The Awakening): Brief Review”

How to Be Single (2016): Brief Review

How to Be Single, directed by Christian Ditter (2016), is a film about a group of people connected through relationships and space to each other with the main focus being on the women. First off, no matter the role, Rebel Wilson is the chaotic comedic relief of every “chick flick” in the last ten or so years.Continue reading “How to Be Single (2016): Brief Review”

300 (2006): Brief Review

300, directed by Zack Snyder (2006), is a film about the ancient battle of Thermopylae. The story is an epic in itself but this film based on Frank Miller’s: 300, so it picks up that style for the film which adds to the epic feeling. The dark coloring with splashes of color lends an amazing feeling toContinue reading “300 (2006): Brief Review”

Return to Blue Lagoon: Brief Review

Return to Blue Lagoon, directed by William A. Graham (1991), is a second installment in the series of Blue Lagoon films. Richard, was born on the island but found in a boat with his dead parents, and Lilli and her Mother are new to the island after being separated on purpose from the ship they were onContinue reading “Return to Blue Lagoon: Brief Review”

Just Like the Son: Brief Review

Just Like the Son, directed by Morgan J. Freeman (2006), is a film about a delinquent young man in his 20’s kidnapping a young boy to take his to live with his sister in Florida verses living in group home in upstate New York. This story feels like one long bad setup to a long a weirdContinue reading “Just Like the Son: Brief Review”

The Raven: Brief Review

The Raven, directed by James McTeigue (2012), is a film about the finals days of Edgar Allan Poe and the mystery within them. This was an entertaining account of his last days. It incorporated his works, some history, and a lot of fiction in lieu of facts. The film was evenly paced and fairly enjoyable. Having livedContinue reading “The Raven: Brief Review”

The Blue Lagoon: Brief Review

The Blue Lagoon, directed by Randal Kleiser (1980), is a film about children who are marooned on a tropical island with limited contact with adults throughout their life and develop their own way of life. The idea of the film is interesting. Its truly wild with how far they took it. The acting was mediocre at bestContinue reading “The Blue Lagoon: Brief Review”