Almost Famous (2000): Brief Review

Almost Famous directed by Cameron Crowe (2000), is a film about a teenage boy who follows his dream of being a music journalist by traveling an up and coming band through a pivotal point of their career where they are beginning to make big and he is there to capture it all while experiencing life freelyContinue reading “Almost Famous (2000): Brief Review”

Good on Paper (2021): Brief Review

Good on Paper directed by Kim Gatewood (2021), is a film about a comedian who is trying to get a good break in Hollywood and we see her journey in doing just that but there is also the added layer of her getting into a relationship with a man who has lied about every critical detailContinue reading “Good on Paper (2021): Brief Review”

Everest (2015): Brief Review

Everest directed by Baltasar Kormákur (2015), is a film about the 1996 Mount Everest climbing disaster, the climbers and crew who were there to experience what had happened, and the legacy of the climbers. This film focuses on one of the many climbing disasters that have happened on Mount Everest as it is a dangerous mountainContinue reading “Everest (2015): Brief Review”

Hacksaw Ridge (2016): Brief Review

Hacksaw Ridge directed by Mel Gibson (2016), is a film about a medic who is also a conscientious objector and his time in the Battle of Okinawa. Throughout the film we get to see the Desmond’s life, his time in boot camp, his trial, and his time in the battle. He had a rough time throughoutContinue reading “Hacksaw Ridge (2016): Brief Review”

I Am Heath Ledger (2017): Brief Review

I Am Heath Ledger directed by Derik Murray and Adrian Buitenhuis (2017), is a film about the late actor Heath Ledger who died fairly young at the age of 28 of an accidental overdose. It does a light scratching of who he was, the projects he had done and wanted to do, and what lead toContinue reading “I Am Heath Ledger (2017): Brief Review”

Starving (2014): Brief Review

Starving directed by Marcelo Briem Stamm (2014), is a film about a young man who experienced a sexual awakening with his best friend and it haunts him into adulthood where he uses sex to derive his self-worth to the point where he can’t keep a monogamous relationship because he has to be with other people toContinue reading “Starving (2014): Brief Review”

Xico’s Journey (2020): Brief Review

Xico’s Journey, El Camino de Xico, directed by Erica Cabello (2020), is an animated film about a small town in Mexico that is going to be abused for its resources by corporations but a dog named Xico is protective spirit of the mountain and neither dog or the residents of the town know it until heContinue reading “Xico’s Journey (2020): Brief Review”

Be Here Now (2015): Brief Review

Be Here Now directed by Lilibet Foster (2015), is a film about the life of the late actor Andy Whitfield as he was dying and the immediate aftermath his death caused his family and friends. It was very light on who he was as a person but it did give insight into his illness, how heContinue reading “Be Here Now (2015): Brief Review”

Love, Antosha (2019): Brief Review

Love, Antosha directed by Garret Price (2019), is a film about the late actor Anton Yelchin who died at the young age of 27. This film was less of an open eulogy and more of a true story with a lot of little details about him and his life. It felt like, as a person ofContinue reading “Love, Antosha (2019): Brief Review”

1 Mile To You (2017): Brief Review

1 Mile To You directed by Leif Tilden (2017), is a film about a young man who was the sole survivor of a track team due to the fact that he rode with his parents instead of his teammates after a track meet where the bus went off a bridge. The main character, Kevin, desperately needsContinue reading “1 Mile To You (2017): Brief Review”