Gold Diggers (1995): Brief Review

Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain directed by Kevin James Dobson (1995), is a film about a girl who moves into a small town in Washington after her great aunt has died and her mother inherits the house. The girl befriends a girl in town that everyone thinks is odd and has odd behaviors.Continue reading “Gold Diggers (1995): Brief Review”

Crazy Heart (2009): Brief Review

Crazy Heart directed by Scott Cooper (2009), is a film about an older country star past his prime but still doing small venues to make money because he’d otherwise be worse off than he is financially. The country star is an alcoholic that hasn’t written another album or song in many years and is justContinue reading “Crazy Heart (2009): Brief Review”

Country Strong (2010): Brief Review

Country Strong directed by Shana Feste (2010), is a film about a troubled country star getting out of rehab to go on tour and she takes an aspiring singer-songwriter who she befriends at the rehab facility and another local talent. The country star is unraveling at every venue they go to and can’t stop drinkingContinue reading “Country Strong (2010): Brief Review”

Pleasantville (1998): Brief Review

Pleasantville directed by Gary Ross (1998), is a film about two teen siblings that get sucked into the black and white world of an old tv show set in the 1950’s without a way to get out and end up exposing this world to one of greater knowledge which ends up causing real world problemsContinue reading “Pleasantville (1998): Brief Review”

Now and Then (1995): Brief Review

Now and Then directed by Lesli Linker Glatter (1995), is a film about a group of friends coming together to spend time all together as adults and the pivotal summer of their childhood that helped pave the path for the rest of their lives. Most of the story is spent on their past selves andContinue reading “Now and Then (1995): Brief Review”

Varsity Blues (1999): Brief Review

Varsity Blues directed by Brian Robbins (1999), is a film about a fairly smart high school boy on a football team in Texas, which is just all about football, and his life changes when he goes from second string to first. It follows his experience of football season during his last year at high schoolContinue reading “Varsity Blues (1999): Brief Review”

Beautiful Girls (1996): Brief Review

Beautiful Girls directed by Ted Demme (1996), is a film about a man who lives in New York City as a pianist but goes home to rural New York for a High School Reunion and reunites with old friends, befriends a 13 year old, involves himself in his friends drama, and realizes that what heContinue reading “Beautiful Girls (1996): Brief Review”

Irreplaceable You (2018): Brief Review

Irreplaceable You directed by Stephanie Laing (2018), is a film about a couple that have known each other since childhood and have roughly been a couple since then when one of the two main characters finds out that she is cancer and later learns she is terminal. The main point of the film is theContinue reading “Irreplaceable You (2018): Brief Review”

I Am Paul Walker (2018): Brief Review

I Am Paul Walker directed by Adrian Buitenhuis (2018), is an film about the life of the actor Paul Walker and his death. It’s not an in-depth sort of documentary but gives you enough to understand largely who they were and how they lived their life. It allowed his family and friends to tell everyoneContinue reading “I Am Paul Walker (2018): Brief Review”

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn (2018): Brief Review

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn directed by Jim Hosking (2018), is an film about finding a lost love, starting over in certain ways, and dealing with your current life. Everything is dialed up to a twenty in all the wrong ways in this film. It wasn’t funny or compelling. It was an empty storyContinue reading “An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn (2018): Brief Review”