Summer Catch: Brief Review

Summer Catch, directed by Mike Tollin (2001), is a film about love and baseball in a young mans life. There is a linear surface level story. You never once really think that he’s not going to get the girl or that he’s not going to get the opportunity or the job. So, it’s not really a surpriseContinue reading “Summer Catch: Brief Review”

House Arrest: Brief Review

House Arrest, directed by Harry Winer (1996), is a film about a couple of kids, and a few additional kids later on, wanting to help their parents deal with their relationship problems but their plan ended up getting out of hand. It’s a fun concept from the about how children would handle themselves if their parents weren’tContinue reading “House Arrest: Brief Review”

Black Gold: Brief Review

Black Gold, or otherwise known as Day of the Falcon, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud (2011), is a film about two warring leaders, a Sultan and Emir, and their dispute about land then oil. It is a story about how Americans first caused disruptions over oil from an Arab perspective told by European writers and director. So,Continue reading “Black Gold: Brief Review”

Peddle the World: Brief Review

Peddle the World, directed by and starring Felix Starck (2014), is a film about biking across the world. He makes an amateur attempt at traveling the world by bike while documenting his adventure. However, it’s less about his adversities, adventure, and more about the joys he found, the people he invited to join him, orContinue reading “Peddle the World: Brief Review”