Bombay Rose (2019): Brief Review

Bombay Rose directed by Gitanjali Rao (2019), is an animated film about a brief infatuation between two young people in the busy city of Bombay, Mumbai, in India. It also touches on the people that surround both of them, their fantasies, and the threat of a potential love between people of mixed religions. Throughout the whole story there is a build to something fantastic but falls short until the last fifteen to ten minutes of the film where it hits you. It’s a bit of slog until those last moments but worth it. The animation is very different from what is usually put out which is a nice change of pace and beautiful to look at. The acting is good enough for the story and doesn’t remove you from the film. The true criticism is that it was too long for the story it was telling. If it was shorter, I may have been more into it than I was and would have packed more of a punch. Overall, worth a watch but know that it is something that may feel like it’s dragging on.

Watched on Netflix.

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