How to Build a Girl (2019): Brief Review

How to Build a Girl directed by Coky Giedroyc (2019), is a film about a teenage girl that lives in a low-income family that she ends up taking care of through her writing by being a music critic and her ego overtakes her sense of reason. The story as a whole was a lot of fun and pretty funny at times but I didn’t like how none of her actions had sticking consequences. She would mess up, suffer a little, and then be forgiven and go about her day. No bad blood or anything really. The acting gave life to the comedy and characters in a great way. Worth the watch just for their performances. The filming was done nicely enough but nothing really sticks out in a good or bad way. The music is ok and fun but it was less of a focal point than I thought it would be. Overall, a great watch and a great story.

Watched on Showtime.

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