As Cool as I Am (2013): Brief Review

As Cool as I Am directed by Max Mayer (2013), is a coming-of-age story of a teen girl that is in a barely functional family that is happy as long as it works but as soon as one thing goes wrong then it all falls apart. The background of the parents is more interesting than the main story. If there had been a film about the parents growing up and meeting, it possibly could have been killer. Or maybe if it had been from the fathers point of view, it would have been a better story? Doesn’t matter as this is the story that we have with the film that we have. The characters weren’t super bland but could have been better. If there had been a better story to go with the characters, then this film could have done better. The acting was mostly good. The filming was good. Everything was good enough but not a lot stuck out or would make you latch on. It just made me feel nothing about it in the end. So, I won’t watch it again and it’s not worth seeking out to watch. You’re better off skipping it.

Watched on Showtime.

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