Cinderella (2015): Brief Review

Cinderella directed by Kenneth Branagh (2015), is a film about a girl who is orphaned and mistreated by her step-family but she eventually finds love and lives happily ever after. This story is based on old fairy tales and has been told a hundred or so different ways. Disney themselves have done as much. However, what I like about this version is that you can feel the heart and care within the story by how it was filmed, acted, and rewritten for this film. Did we really need another Cinderella adaptation? No, probably not. It was still enjoyable to watch though. It was nice to see a more wild and choosing to be kind Cinderella rather than a strict servant-slave type relationship. It made the character more endearing. The Prince felt warmer in this version as well. You could feel the excitement of the character, his playfulness, and his dedication to those he cares for. This is a great live action version of the story with a lighter but intense feel to it. In the end, those who don’t like change won’t like this film and those that do may find problems still but they’re not monumental or visible enough to have crippled my viewing in any way. It’s worth at least one watch. It’s not as bad as you think it would or could be.

Watched on Disney+.

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