The Switch (2010): Brief Review

The Switch directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck (2010), is a film about two good friends who become parents together with the girl friend knowing it since she thought she was using a sperm donor’s sperm and when she reunites with her friend later he see’s the similarities between himself and the child. As he gets to know his son more, the more he’s starting to love the kid. He starts to develop an attachment and paternal instincts towards him. All the while, the mother thinks that he’s being a good friend to her for helping her out with her son and enjoying the fact that her son likes her friend just as much. During most of the film, the would have been sperm donor is trying to connect with the kid and also date the mom but is failing all over the place. Then at the very last moment when the would be sperm donor was going to make his move the friend takes over and tells her. He tells her that he’s the father and that he loves her. That’s when the fairytale falls into place and they become a couple. Then it jumps a good chunk of time where the two are married, the kid is happy, and they live together as one happy family. It’s a funny story that has a great cast, even the kid, and it looks great too. Worth a one time watch and a chuckle or two.

Watched on HBO Max.

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