Gold Diggers (1995): Brief Review

Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain directed by Kevin James Dobson (1995), is a film about a girl who moves into a small town in Washington after her great aunt has died and her mother inherits the house. The girl befriends a girl in town that everyone thinks is odd and has odd behaviors. The odd girl believes in an old tale her dead father used to tell her when she was younger about a girl who was a miner in the Bear Mountain not too far from town, how the girl and others were buried in the mountain, and the lore that she survived and that there is gold there. The new girl writes off the story but she enjoys her friendship with the odd girl and they go about having adventures. However, it later comes up that she and her mother are being abused by her mothers boyfriend and that’s part of the reason why she’s so odd. Later it’s revealed that the mountain did have gold at one time and the girls received it from an anonymous person but both girls think it was from the miner girl. This is fun kids film with cheesy jokes and that wild adventure with characters willing to take almost any risk. The acting can be a bit much at times. The story is loose at best but the fun of the characters make it worth it. It’s not a necessarily a must see but it’s not not a must see. It’s fun to have on and easy to watch though.

Watched on Starz.

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