Crazy Heart (2009): Brief Review

Crazy Heart directed by Scott Cooper (2009), is a film about an older country star past his prime but still doing small venues to make money because he’d otherwise be worse off than he is financially. The country star is an alcoholic that hasn’t written another album or song in many years and is just circulating his old material mostly around small towns. He goes drunk from one place to the next drinking most of pay. He meets a fairly young mother in one town that is a small time music reporter and becomes her lover after a time. He’s good with her son but after a trip to visit him where he loses her son, she cuts ties with him. He goes to rehab and stays sober enough to write a new song about her and her son. They end up befriending each other after. This film is another down and out musician story with a lot of heart and personality. I enjoyed it a lot. The music was good. The acting was good. The story was great and believable. I would watch it a few more times. Worth a watch for sure.

Watched on Starz.

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