Country Strong (2010): Brief Review

Country Strong directed by Shana Feste (2010), is a film about a troubled country star getting out of rehab to go on tour and she takes an aspiring singer-songwriter who she befriends at the rehab facility and another local talent. The country star is unraveling at every venue they go to and can’t stop drinking to perform or perform well. The young man who she took with her is talented and wants to make a good go at the opportunity he’s been given but it’s revealed that he and the star are lovers and he wants to do his best to take care of her as she spirals. The young aspiring woman that is also on tour is doing her best to make the most of the tour and most people see her shine but she’s still a little rough. The star eventually gets back on track to one last concert to set everything straight. It’s the best of the tour but it ends up being the last she’ll ever do. The story of this film is very sad all the way around with some lining of hope that’s ripped out from under you. You feel for the characters and what they’re going through but there’s no help for them. If you like country music and sad stories, then this one is for you. I enjoyed it a lot. So, I would recommend that you give it a watch.

Watched on Starz.

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