Pleasantville (1998): Brief Review

Pleasantville directed by Gary Ross (1998), is a film about two teen siblings that get sucked into the black and white world of an old tv show set in the 1950’s without a way to get out and end up exposing this world to one of greater knowledge which ends up causing real world problems within this world. This story is so interesting because it makes you initially think that these kids are tainting this “perfect” world but they’re sharing knowledge which makes them lose their innocence in a sense and allows them to see things for what they truly are. As in real life, there is complications when some of the people don’t want to change or anything around them to change and others change due to their exposer to new people and knowledge. The story is really fun with the mechanics of the world and the kids teaching these people new things. Everything just sucks you and makes you think. You’re definitely going to need to watch at least once but I would recommend multiple times. I will definitely be going back soon.

Watched on HBO Max.

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