Varsity Blues (1999): Brief Review

Varsity Blues directed by Brian Robbins (1999), is a film about a fairly smart high school boy on a football team in Texas, which is just all about football, and his life changes when he goes from second string to first. It follows his experience of football season during his last year at high school and we can see how his life changes due to certain things that happen. The most interesting part is seeing how this kid truly becomes a leader and holds high morals for himself, the people around him, and especially so for the people that are in charge. It’s especially interesting that he questions everything around him but doesn’t truly start to become a hero figure of the story or a leader until his girlfriend really pushes him to stand up and be better than those he’s watching. However, it’s not without teen drama because it’s high school. They’re kids living life and learning lessons for the first time. So, they all just dive right into risky situations and do crazy things that most wouldn’t encourage or think of doing. In the end, he saves the day, wins the war that is football, and is the hero. All in all, it’s worth seeing at least once and it’s not a super involved story but has some great points.

Watched on HBO Max.

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