Irreplaceable You (2018): Brief Review

Irreplaceable You directed by Stephanie Laing (2018), is a film about a couple that have known each other since childhood and have roughly been a couple since then when one of the two main characters finds out that she is cancer and later learns she is terminal. The main point of the film is the character dealing with dying, her own death, and her would-have-been husband. The story was there and could have been amazing. However, the character connection was lacking and caused a lack of audience connection. This is not a romance that’ll be remembered forever like The Notebook or Titanic due to the missing connection. Which is a shame because Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Michiel Huisman are great actors. They did a great job acting independently of each other but together there was nothing to be felt. As part of the audience, I loved the characters, I really liked the story, I was mourning the lose of characters, and I was rooting for them as characters but I didn’t root for their love or mourn their lose as a couple. Which caused rift in my experience and made it unmemorable. At the end of the day, it’s an easy watch but it won’t stick with you after.

Watched on Netflix.

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