I Am Paul Walker (2018): Brief Review

I Am Paul Walker directed by Adrian Buitenhuis (2018), is an film about the life of the actor Paul Walker and his death. It’s not an in-depth sort of documentary but gives you enough to understand largely who they were and how they lived their life. It allowed his family and friends to tell everyone who he was and how they felt about him. Their explanation of his death is a more complete version of what had happened. In the end, it helps a group of people that were close to him to talk about him in a positive way and highlight some of the things that other people didn’t know about him while sharing their grief. This was worth a watch to find out more about how people are good and how they are good to those they care for but I personally would like a more detailed documentary about his life, his imperfections, his path through his troubles, and his legacy. Something more than an open eulogy. All in all, worth a watch in my opinion.

Watched on 123Movies.

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