MFKZ (2017): Brief Review

MFKZ directed by Shōjirō Nishimi and Guillaume Renard (2017), is an film about a few young men who live in a fictional city in California that looks to be sorta like Los Angeles but not and this version of the world is mixed species type with aliens living among the Earth dwelling residences where the Aliens are taking over the world without anyone truly knowing. One of the young men is unknowingly an alien. You can’t blame him for not knowing. There are plenty of non-humans that are sentient language speaking beings. So, no one really questioned him about his looks or manners in a highly critical way for being too non-human. However, he is half-human but his alien half is more dominant. He turns out to be a sleeper soldier and has been hunted since he was a small child. He lives a very poor and odd life while being lost to his hunters. Then the film events take place in which we see him grow into his soldier role without being apart of the alien army. The Earth guardians and a scientist end up taking the aliens down but they had a small fraction of the action. This film was so engaging story wise and visually. It was a lot of fun to watch. Definitely go see it as soon as you can. Worth watching a few times.

Watched on Netflix.

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