Almost Famous (2000): Brief Review

Almost Famous directed by Cameron Crowe (2000), is a film about a teenage boy who follows his dream of being a music journalist by traveling an up and coming band through a pivotal point of their career where they are beginning to make big and he is there to capture it all while experiencing life freely for the first time. This is a coming of age story as well as a rock and roll musical quest type story and it really works in this film. It mainly works because the character seem genuine which is supremely helped by the amazing acting. Side note, it’s easy to forget how talented Kate Hudson really is by the cheesy rom-com roles she’s in today but she shines bright in this film. The whole cast was amazing and perfect in every role. This is a film I always come back to from time to time and it hasn’t aged poorly at all. Overall, if you haven’t seen this film, find a way to watch it. Once may be enough for some people but once is the bare minimum needed. Definitely watch it at least once.

Watched on Netflix.

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