Hacksaw Ridge (2016): Brief Review

Hacksaw Ridge directed by Mel Gibson (2016), is a film about a medic who is also a conscientious objector and his time in the Battle of Okinawa. Throughout the film we get to see the Desmond’s life, his time in boot camp, his trial, and his time in the battle. He had a rough time throughout his life with many trials but he still had a positive outlook on life and was deeply religious to the point of being unable to kill anyone. However, he wanted to volunteer for the war and help any way he possibly could. The whole story is deeply motivating and touching. You receive a different perspective and path that someone can take during a war. However, no matter which path you take in war, it’s still war and there are damages done to the mind and body to those that survive. In the end, I really liked this film as the story stuck with me and touch an emotional place inside of me. It’s worth a watch or two and I would definitely watch it a few more times.

Watched on HBO Max.

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