Be Here Now (2015): Brief Review

Be Here Now directed by Lilibet Foster (2015), is a film about the life of the late actor Andy Whitfield as he was dying and the immediate aftermath his death caused his family and friends. It was very light on who he was as a person but it did give insight into his illness, how he dealt with it, his asperations, his hopefulness, and the projects he was apart of and wanted to do. I can’t say for certain as I never knew him but he seemed like a gentle soul with a lot of heart and determination. From the film, no matter what he did, the mindless entity that was his cancer, just completely consumed him over a long period of time and that was heartbreaking to watch. The whole thing makes you feel horrible for him and his family. This film is doesn’t dig into his life more than what he and his family wanted people to know but the fact that his last year or two was filmed is incredible in itself. I’m sure that he may he thought it would be his survival story and not about his last moments being alive which is also heartbreaking. All in all, it’s worth a watch or two and make sure to grab some tissues as it really just tears your heart apart.

Watched on 123Movies.

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