Love, Antosha (2019): Brief Review

Love, Antosha directed by Garret Price (2019), is a film about the late actor Anton Yelchin who died at the young age of 27. This film was less of an open eulogy and more of a true story with a lot of little details about him and his life. It felt like, as a person of the audience, we could really get to know who he was, what made him who he was. We were shown what would be considered his weird side, his charming side, his hardworking side, and the part of him that was ill. Throughout this film you grow to love Anton. Mostly because he was an endearing and nice guy that everyone that knew him seemed to love. It just makes you feel that much worse about his passing. However, as you watch the film, you start to understand how sick he actually was and that if he hadn’t had the accident that had killed him, he would have died from the disease that he had. Either way, he was running out of time to do the things that he wanted to do and be there for the people that he loved. This film is a total tearjerker for all the right reasons. Go check it out and really take it in. It’ll motivate you to make the most out of your life and have a new perspective on the time that you have.

Watched on Crackle.

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