Gods of Egypt (2016): Brief Review

Gods of Egypt directed by Alex Proyas (2016), is a film about, well, the gods of Egypt in a far ancient period of time where the gods ruled on Earth and Set tries to either kill or exile the other gods unless there are helping him while he is the dictator god of Egypt. The film focuses on the adventure that Horus and a human thief named Bek go on to remove Set as the leader and enslaver of Egypt. It’s honestly a fun film. It has shaky CGI at times and you can tell most of it is green screen. Which can be fine as long as it has a super strong story where it makes you want to believe everything you’re seeing or if you have a particular style that plays into the weird looking effects but this film doesn’t have either. So, it has an off landing. It may have been better if it had been fully animated. Maybe not. However, this is the film that we have. The acting was fine. The story as a whole is fine. Everything is fine but does allow for some fun. In the end, don’t take it too seriously because it’s not one of those films. If you go into this one for some fun and nothing else, this will be just fine for you. I probably won’t watch again and it’s not crucial for anyone to see this but if you happen to pass by it on Netflix or wherever, it’s not a horrible thing to put on to have some fun for the night.

Watched on Netflix.

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