Red Knot (2014): Brief Review

Red Knot directed by Scott Cohen (2014), is an film about a newly wed couple go on a trip to Antarctica which is supposed to be their honeymoon but ends up as a research trip for the husband. This film was one long needless fight between the couple you know nothing about and don’t end up knowing much about by the end. He should’ve went alone or they should’ve dealt with their feelings sooner. There was no need for the drama that happened. It would’ve been better to either never have made this film or made it into something else. This story was boring as hell and there was no character growth or meaning to this story besides it’s hard to be married to someone. It’s always work to be in a relationship. A bland film about bland drama is a waste. However, everything looked beautiful. I wanted to turn it off but everything looked so great that I stuck around until the end. Overall, skip it. Waste of time unless you just want something pretty on the screen and mute the film.

Watched on Amazon.

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