Better Than Love (2019): Brief Review

Better Than Love directed by Ted Carney (2019), is an film about a young man going through life trying to help his friends and ends up turning into a drug dealer but later becomes an addict due to a vehicle accident that left him injured and it all goes down hill from there. It’s an interesting view on how forming an addiction of any kind can fuck up your life but the thing he ends up addicted to is not the drugs he’s selling, in the beginning, but his prescription drugs and that doctors pushing certain pain meds are worse than drug dealers. However, sprinkled throughout this whole story is how he fell in love with a girl who likes him back when he has his head on straight but after things fall apart she seems to easily move on which sucks for the main character and you feel his pain. Overall, the quality is mid-range but the story is there and if it was polished a bit more, it could’ve been a lot better but it’s acceptable as is and is worth at least one watch.

Watched on Amazon.

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