Still Breathing (1997): Brief Review

Still Breathing directed by James F. Robinson (1997), is an film about a mystifying romance between a man who receives loose visions about who his soul mate is and a women who cons men out of their money for a living. They know absolutely nothing about each other until he finds her, they get to know each other, and then he realizes that she is his soul mate. Apparently his ability is hereditary and every man in his family has them about their soul mates. It’s an interesting romance story driver but it feels so cheap and cheesy in this film. The acting isn’t charming but over the top and creepy at times. If it was toned down and maybe just a smidge more serious, it could have taken my attention completely and held up through the years. However, it’s a rom-com from the mid-90s that’s lost its appeal over time. In the end, watching this felt like a waste of time and I wouldn’t watch it again but the idea might be salvageable as long as it’s not as creepy as this film was in spots.

Watched on Amazon.

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