Life After The Navigation (2020): Brief Review

Life After The Navigator directed by Lisa Downs (2020), is an film about remembering the film Flight of the Navigator and the child star of the film Joey Cramer. The film goes in-depth about the film, how it was made, and how the vision came to life. Then the other portion of the film is an in-depth look into the former child actors life on-screen and off-screen, how his success as a child didn’t translate into a successful adult acting career, the chaotic spiral of his life, and how he did and is picking his life back up to become a successful adult now. Everything about this film was super interesting. A good in-depth look sparing very little details from the viewer. I enjoyed learning more about what had happened with the film and the actors. I wouldn’t watch it again but an easy watch to turn on and if you like Flight of the Navigator, like myself, then you give it a watch.

Watched on Amazon.

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