Flight of the Navigator (1986): Brief Review

Flight of the Navigator directed by Randal Kleiser (1986), is an film about a boy who is taken by an alien AI to gather data to catalog about humans as a species but something goes wrong with the space ship and he is dropped back to Earth in the future instead of when he was taken. Through the ten years that he was missing, he hasn’t aged a day and doesn’t know why, his family is a mess, and the world around him is full of foreign technology and social advances that he wasn’t there to experience. In the end, he ends up where he’s supposed to be which gives a Disney happy ending. This was one of my favorite films as a kid. It had everything. Cool creatures, time travel, and kid escapades that made you feel that it could happen to you too. As an adult, it held up but now I can see how cheesy it all was. Enjoyable but laid on pretty thick. I have a connect to it. So, that may color this a bit differently than the others but I would would attempt to watch it at least once to capture your imagination in a simple alien abduction time travel story. It’s worth at least one watch in my eyes. When you do, I hope you feel all the hope and fun radiate into you from a happy child-like place.

Watched on Disney+.

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