Joker (2019): Brief Review

Joker directed by Todd Phillips (2019), is an film about a mentally ill man whose delusions, preexisting illness, life experience, and lies about his potential father, take a toll on him, cause him to snap, and take up a life committing crimes. This film not only gives a pitiful backstory pitted with lies that confuse the viewer on what the actual truth is and allows us to see why the Joker has a connection to Batman where he hates and loves him in a limited way. It also allows people who are neurotypical into the mind of someone with an mental illness so that they can develop compassion and understanding in their every day life. I doubt that’s what people took away from it but it offers a chance to do so. It’s a gritty true to life version of the Joker which I like but I also enjoy the fantastical comic like version of the villain’s and heroes as well. I definitely feel that it was overhyped but definitely worth a watch for what it is. I enjoyed it. Many others seemed to have enjoyed it. I’m not sure if it’ll hold up in a decade but for now it’s enjoyable.

Watched on HBO Max.

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