All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 (1996): Brief Review

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 directed by Paul Sabella and Larry Leker (1996), is an animated film about a couple of reformed mobster dogs who are doing good in heaven but are then sent on a mission to find a heavenly horn that was stolen from heaven by an angel dog doing the devils bidding but while on Earth they help other dogs and a little boy. This could have been great. Truly. However, the animation was not good and not as good as the first film, the story was lacking, and it has none of the charm that Don Bluth films have. However, all of these thing could have been remedied. It’s sad because it puts a bad taste in your mouth for the series. It honestly feels cheap and would have faired better as a Disney daytime children’s series than a film. It’s more than ok to just ignore this film and act as if it was never made.

Watched on Youtube.

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