American Bully (2009): Brief Review

American Bully directed by David Rodriguez (2009), is a film about teenage boys, who are largely ignorant, that act out in a post 9/11 America with being “anti-terrorist”, which is just being racist and non-tolerant of other inner cultures, and performative patriots that end up torturing and killing another teenage man in their community. This film holds little substance and feels like it exists to show hatred. If the story was better structured, it could have really hit him, especially for the time that it was released. However, it was just an empty film that highlighted problems and violence. Anger is better than nothing. So at least I felt something but was not worth watching. You cannot have violence, torture, and death, especially attached to the some sort of real underlying issue, without it holding some type meaning. It ended with arrests but it felt hallow. At the end of the day, I wish I never watched this film.

Watched on Amazon.

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